4 Concise and Clear CRM comparison points


Without a doubt, having a CRM tool will better your business by giving you an insight about the behavior of your customers; that is why it’s essential to depend on the best CRM tool out there. We are here to compare the CRM tool in two of the most famous ERPs- Odoo and Microsoft Dynamic- in order to help you determine which is superior and better for your rising business.


Both ERP systems include the following features:


  • Leads Management; which helps you analyze, qualify, and nurture leads.  

  • Opportunities Management; which allows you to control the sales process.

  • Pipeline Management; which helps you oversee and direct future sales in various stages.

  • Third Party Management; which allows the management of a third party.

  • Customer Multi-Address; which allows the storing of more than one address per customer.

  • Calls / Meetings / Mail: which allows you to stay connected to your customers.


The features mentioned are some of the most basic features of a CRM tool that both Odoo, and Microsoft Dynamics share. 


Based on an ERP comparison done between Odoo, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite (ERP Comparison Whitepaper: Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, & Odoo); all the features of the CRM tool that are found in Microsoft Dynamics is also present in Odoo; however, not all features available in Odoo’s CRM tool are present in Microsoft Dynamics’. Here is a breakdown of all what you are missing in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM tool that you can find available in Odoo’s.

VoIP (which stands for voice over IP) is one of the features that only Odoo has. This tool allows you to make calls directly from a computer, a VoIP phone, or other data-driven devices; so if you are in need of this convenient tool, it is better that you use Odoo. Then, we have the Live Chat feature which is needed for contacting customers live whenever they have any questions or concerns. As many of you might think, this element is very vital to having a good relationship with your customers. Next, Odoo CRM provides you with the tools needed to nurture your leads. According to Marketo, Lead Nurturing is the process of developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel, and through every step of the buyer’s journey. Odoo's CRM tool also allows you to keep track of the full, detailed history of your customers that you will be missing out on if you are using Microsoft Dynamics. If you appreciate neat email templates, Odoo is here to deliver! The CRM tool that they provide includes email templates which you can conveniently use to save time in formatting your emails. 


As you can see, Odoo CRM has various awesome features and extra benefits that are not found in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Next we will be going over some feedback and comments from customers that have reviewed the pros and cons of the CRM tool found in these two ERP systems.


Odoo position in CRM 


The following reviews listed are from users who have used the CRM tool in Odoo:


Pro- “I love that it is easy to use and it is an all in one package that you can grow with.”


Pro- “Easy to use and integrate with other softwares. Fast interface and very easy to customize. Excellent!”


Con- “One small con about Odoo is that it can be buggy at times. Although a quick refresh fixes the problem.”


Con- “ODOO solution has a lot of features that are constantly evolving. Sometimes data structure seems to change from version to version and this may be confusing for the user, specially when functionalities are being impacted at the same time”


The following reviews listed are from users who have used the CRM tool in Microsoft Dynamics:

Pro- “Love this software. This is another ebay to use Microsoft program. Interface is smooth, very user friendly.”

Pro- “We use this for our retail side and it does stuff I didn’t even know should be done. Great product!!”


Con- “Implementation is difficult and takes time, customisation is easy but requires great level of testing.”

Con- “The orientation takes some time to get used to, but otherwise it's straightforward. also how the G/L was done wasn't the best.”


All reviews can be found over at Software Advice.


While Odoo;s and Microsoft Dynamics CRM tools share various similarities, Odoo still has distinguishable features that make it different from the Microsoft Dynamics. After going over all these points of difference and similarities, this should help you decide which ERP system fits your needs better based on its CRM tool.