How to choose between most popular Online ERP Systems?


This blog is essentially a white paper excerpted from odoo's official website,  which includes a comparison that will aid readers to form a first impression on three of the most used ERP systems. 


  1. Introduction, number of users, number of countries, partners, and number of Apps "if applicable".

  2. Sales; B2B, In-store sales, Online sales, and Advanced products.

  3. CRM; Sales flow and Communication tools.

  4. Accounting and Finance; Internal process, Daily operations, Invoice management and International handling.

  5. Marketing; Actions and Follow-up.

  6. Warehouse management; Routing, Products, reporting and productivity.

  7.  Manufacturing; Manage , Schedule and Plans.

  8. Purchase; Order Fulfilment and Manage.

  9. Projects; Services and customer orientation.

  10. Human Resources; Payroll , fleet management and more.

  11. usability and productivity

  12. Pricing and conditions

  13. Market trends; google trends.

  14. Customer satisfaction.