Why you Need a web-based application to work from home during Covid-19 Pandemic?



1- Timekeeping

You can control your time precisely outside the headquarters of the company you work with using several applications, most notably the "RESCUE Time" application, an application available on all electronic stores for Android systems, iPhone users, and  regular browsers.

  2- Chat Applications

The most notable of these apps are WhatsApp / Whatsapp web  and the Telegram application, which are applications that allow direct communication between members of the work team at the same time, in addition to the "Facebook", and this allows those working on a certain project or campaign to follow its course in a smooth manner, no matter the location of the employees working on it.

3- Organising business ideas

Direct meetings are one of the most important advantages of being in the workplace because they provide an opportunity to exchange views and propose ideas for developing and recording work, however, there are programs that serve as an alternative during this pandemic. They can organize the ideas presented among workers and put them in a framework that can be referred to in a smooth manner when needed.
The most prominent of these programs is the "MindMeister" application, which is useful in creating mind maps easily, and it is available in all electronic stores of smartphones and computers.

4- Access to work files from abroad

Any of the employees inside the company can access all the files on their computer, from the outside, through one of the applications for data synchronization, most notably the "SyncBack" application, which allows its user to access all the files on the desktop computer from the outside, thus reducing the danger of exposure to the novel Coronavirus.

5- Record work notes and alerts

Applications like "Google Keep" can be relied upon to record work notes in an accessible and organized way, making them available  to workers anywhere, thus reducing the need for them to be on the job.
Another app is "Evernote", which can also be used to record notes and sync them to all of your devices.

6- QuickBooks accounting software

It is the most famous, bestselling program for managing small and medium projects in the world, which makes the daily accounting experience easier while saving time and money for the company.
A program designed to help you better manage your business and make making quotations, invoices, and receiving payments, warehouse management, and tracking expenses and revenues.
QuickBooks is easier to use and more accurate than using manual calculations or  excel.

7- Inventory Management

One of the key factors for leveraging business profit is efficient Inventory management and a perfect supply chain model.
"TradeGecko" is a good example for a stand alone Inventory management software which you may use in case you don't care much about integration with other various Software applications used in the company.

8- SyncBack App

It is a fast and powerful application that provides a synchronization service so that you can easily create backup copies of your files and folders on external hard drives, drives, FTP servers and shared drives as well, and it is an easy-to-use application that has been specifically designed to perform synchronization functions, so you can use the program to sync files, and protect them.
9- Trello App
 When it comes to planning something, whether going out for a picnic or a attending a graduation project, every person or team has a special way to plan for the matter, starting with imagining the plan and trying to remember the details when starting implementation, or writing them down on paper, and perhaps using specific applications for this matter. Technical programs have allowed us to perform all these tasks down to the smallest details I simple, and effective applications.


10- Odoo ERP and CRM Software 

All the applications we have mentioned are very remarkable and each are skilled in their own field, but if you're looking for an option  which allows you to manage all your company's resources in one place, Odoo is the answer! It can be a waste of time to use various apps and programs to run your business, so why not do it all in one synchronized Platform?

 Odoo provides you with everything needed to run a business; from accounting software to marketing automation, all applications are one click away from your reach. All your company's departments will be organized in synch and shared among all your employees for ease and access. Join Odoo now to access a cost-effective, modular solution that will aid you with running your business during Covid-19!